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Proven solutions that deliver your data the way you need it!

Some of the problems we can solve...

Custom Reporting

Inadequate Reports

  • Are your existing reports not giving you the data you need?
  • Do you have to run multiple reports to get the information you need?
  • Do you spend valuable time copying and pasting data from multiple reports into spreadsheets to get the results you want?

Most business software allows for custom reporting. In addition we handle most reporting platforms including Crystal Reports, SSRS, Birt, Jaspersoft, Cognos and more.

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or Scattered Data

You probably have data in many systems, but if you don't have an efficient way to generate reports across multiple data sources or even access the data for analysis, then you aren't getting the most out of it. You may benefit from an integrated BI and reporting solution that gives you instant access to data when and how you want to see it.

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Entering  the same data in multiple systems

Most companies have several specialized internal and external systems that handle specific business needs. The problem is they don't communicate with each other causing redundant data entry.

You can solve that.

Software that doesn't quite fit your business

Are you using one size fits all software that doesn't really do what you need it to? Do you create manual workarounds to overcome the limitations? Custom software often costs less than you might think.

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Process Improvement

Automating inefficient business processes

Not sure what your options are but know there has to be a more efficient way? There probably is, and you can rely on use to show you how. Improving efficiency and performance by automating your processes pays dividends.

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About Us

Over 20 years of software and Business Data expertise at your disposal.

Whether you need to collect data, extract data, generate reports and dashboards, streamline your processes, or simply get a better handle on managing and storing your data, you can rely on us to put together the right solutions for your business. Helping businesses improve efficiency, productivity, and generating growth through the use of data management technology has been our mission for more than 20 years.

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Services We Offer

Custom Reporting Solutions

Whether you need to customize existing reports, new reports ,  or need a new reporting solution altogether we can help. If you have the data, we can generate the reports. We have built reports for hundreds of systems and can do so for you as well.
Some of the many systems we have worked with include...
Sage | Epicor | SAP | MS Dynamics | JobBOSS | Intacct | JD Edwards | NetSuite | Xledger | and many more...

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Software and Data Integration

In today's business world we have specialized systems for everything; marketing, sales, payment processing, inventory management, accounting, time tracking, you name it.  The problem is these systems don't pass information to each other, leaving your staff spending valuable time moving the same data from one system to another. This not only costs time but opens the door for mistakes. Luckily there are ways to automate all of that and get the data flowing between systems.  

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Software Enhancement

Do you have an existing custom software system that you love but is in need of some updating? Maybe some new fields need to be added because you are collecting data that you weren't previously getting. Or possibly, a new business need has arisen since the software was created.  Maybe you lost touch with the original developer and don't have someone available to work on it. In many cases we can help...

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Custom Software Development

Are you using software that doesn't quite have all the features and capabilities you need to efficiently handle your business? Are you not able to find an off the shelf solution that that meets your exact business needs? Maybe you are just tired of paying ridiculous upgrade and maintenance fees for the software you already bought.  Custom software might be the solution and it often costs less than you think.

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Process Improvement

Are you running as efficiently as you can be? Are you aware that there are better ways to manage your data and workflows but don't have the time to spend researching the right solutions? Over the years your company has probably amassed a collection of systems and established processes that utilize those systems. As business grows and processes and systems are added, workflows often become convoluted and inefficient. Overlap, data redundancy, and inefficiency begin to occur. This hidden drain on resources and productivity is likely impacting your bottom line and the quality of service your clients receive. Almost every company can benefit from Process Improvement, including yours.

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Database Development and Design

Do you need help with your database? Our highly experienced Database Developers and Administrators can help. Some of the database projects we handle for clients include...

  • SQL Query Optimization and Performance Tuning
  • Data Migration (ex. Access to MS SQL)
  • Design and Normalization
  • Upgrades and Relocation
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Much more..


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